• 軟體名稱:BBC廣播
  • 軟體平台:Android
  • 軟體大小:3.63M
  • 運行環境:Android 4.0 以上
Features: - Take BBC Radio with you wherever you go - Listen to live radio from all the BBC’s UK radio stations over Wi-Fi and mobile networks - Quickly switch between stations with a simple radio tuner dial - See what’s on-air across all stations via the Full Programme Guide - Listen to on-demand programmes from the past 7 days - See the currently playing track on music stations - Find out what music and guests featured in on-demand programmes - Set an alarm to wake up to your favourite station - Set alerts for upcoming programmes - Watch video clips including music sessions - Find hundreds of BBC Podcasts to listen to - Browse programmes by Schedule, Category, Featured and Most Popular - Listen in the background or in standby, with quick access to what’s playing via the notifications panel Please note: Streaming radio is a data intensive service. The BBC does not charge for mobile content, but your network operator’s charges for using the internet over mobile networks will apply and may be significantly higher when roaming outside of the UK. Connecting via WiFi is recommended where possible. Known Issues: - Some Samsung Galaxy users (using 4.1.2 Touchwiz) may find that audio playback does not work for them for live or on-demand programmes. A firmware fix has been deployed by Samsung but may take some time to be rolled out across all networks. Please check for software updates if you have problems using the app. Podcast and video playback should not be affected. - On demand/catchup programmes from local and regional stations are not yet available - Video clips are not currently available for Intel-based devices, such as the Motorola Razr-i, or Orange San Diego 特點: - BBC廣播電台,無論你走到哪裡 - 所有的BBC英國廣播電台收聽實況廣播在無線網路和行動網路 - 快速切換站之間用一個簡單的收音機調諧器撥號 - 看看所有站的空氣通過全方案指南 - 聽點播節目從過去的7天 - 顯示當前播放的曲目在音樂電台 - 找出什麼音樂,客人點播節目特色 - 設定鬧鐘來喚醒您喜愛的電台 - 為即將到來的節目設定警示 - 觀看視頻剪輯,包括音樂會話 - 尋找數百BBC播客聽 - 瀏覽節目時間表,類別,特色和最受歡迎 - 在後台監聽,或在待機狀態下,通過通知面板快速訪問玩什麼 請注意: 流媒體廣播是一個數據密集型服務。英國廣播公司不收取移動內容,但您的網路運營商在行動網路上使用網際網路的收費將適用時,可能會顯著高於在英國以外的漫遊。通過WiFi進行連線,建議在可能的情況下。 已知問題: - 可能會發現一些三星Galaxy用戶(使用4.1.2的Touchwiz),音頻播放直播或點播節目不為他們工作。三星已經部署一個固件修復程式,,所有網路鋪開,但可能需要一些時間。使用的應用程式如果有問題,請檢查軟體更新。播客和視頻播放應該不會受到影響。 - 對需求/追趕程式從本地和區域站尚未公布 - 視頻短片目前尚未提供基於英特爾處理器的設備,如摩托羅拉的Razr I,或橙色聖地亞哥