Eyes Closed(Lene Marlin演唱歌曲)

Eyes Closed(Lene Marlin演唱歌曲)

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《Eyes Closed》是挪威歌手Lene Marlin演唱的歌曲,並收錄在其2005年發行的專輯《Lost in a Moment》中。


  • 外文名稱:Eyes Closed
  • 所屬專輯:Lost in a Moment
  • 歌曲時長:03:43
  • 發行時間:2005年
  • 歌曲原唱:Lene Marlin
  • 音樂風格:歐美流行
  • 歌曲語言:英語
《Eyes Closed》歌詞:
She could have
When she's had a chance to miss him
She could have kissed him
And you never would have known
When he asked if there is someone else
She could have said there's no one else
Her eyes are closed
All she sees is your face
All she needs is your touch
Is that asking too much
She'll take you to that place
Where nothing would feel better
just knowing that you're with her
When he asked to hold her hand
She could have given him her hand
And you never would have seen
What would happen if she did so
What the ending would be like
And in a way you're with her
In a way you never left her
But she misses you still
She misses you still