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between是英語當中的一個介詞,意思為在......之間,常與and連用,如between A and B。


  • 中文名:在......之間
  • 外文名:Between
  • prep:在…之間;私下,暗中;在…中
  • adv:當中,中間
  • 短語動詞: come between


  • prep.在…之間;私下,暗中;在…中任擇其一;來往於…之間
  • a'd'v當中,中間
  • In addition to the uses shown below, Between is used in a few phrasal verbs, such as ‘come between’.
    除下列用法外,between 還可用於 come between 等短語動詞中。
  • 1.PREP在…之間;處於…中間If something is between two things or is in between them, it has one of the things on one side of it and the other thing on the other side.
    She left the table to stand between the two men...
    Charlie crossed between the traffic to the far side of the street.
  • 2.PREP在(兩地)之間(穿梭)If people or things travel between two places, they travel regularly from one place to the other and back again.
    I spent a lot of time in the early Eighties travelling between London and Bradford.
  • 3.PREP在(兩個人、群體或事物)之間A relationship, discussion, or difference between two people, groups, or things is one that involves them both or relates to them both.
    I think the relationship between patients and doctors has got a lot less personal...
    There have been intensive discussions between the two governments in recent days...
    There has always been a difference between community radio and commercial radio.
  • 4.PREP擋在…之間If something stands between you and what you want, it prevents you from having it.
    His sense of duty often stood between him and the enjoyment of life.
  • 5.PREP(數量、年齡等)介於…之間If something is between two amounts or ages, it is greater or older than the first one and smaller or younger than the second one.
    Increase the amount of time you spend exercising by walking between 15 and 20 minutes...
    Amsterdam is fun — a third of its population is aged between 18 and 30.
  • 6.PREP(時間上)在…之間,介於…之間If something happens between or in between two times or events, it happens after the first time or event and before the second one.
    The canal was built between 1793 and 1797...
    Berlin was well known for its good living in between the two world wars.
    Betweenis also an adverb.
    ...a journey by jetfoil, coach and two aircraft, with a four-hour wait in Bangkok in between.
  • 7.PREP在…之間(作出選擇)If you must choose between two or more things, you must choose just one of them.
    Students will be able to choose between English, French and Russian as their first foreign language.
  • 8.PREP總共;總計If people or places have a particular amount of something between them, this is the total amount that they have.
    The three sites employ 12,500 people between them...
    Between them, they train over fifty horses in Lambourn.
  • 9.PREP由…分擔;由…分享When something is divided or shared between people, they each have a share of it.
    His company was bought out by Hogg Robinson for £3.5m, divided between five partners...
    There is only one bathroom shared between eight bedrooms.
  • 10.PHRASE你我之間(的秘密);只限於你我之間;我倆私下說說When you introduce a statement by saying 'between you and me' or 'between ourselves', you are indicating that you do not want anyone else to know what you are saying.
    Between you and me, though, it's been awful for business...
    Between ourselves, I know he wants to marry her.
  • Usage Note:
    If there are only two people or things you should usebetween. If there are more than two people or things, you should useamongoramongst.Amongstis a bit old-fashioned. You can also talk about relationshipsbetweenoramongpeople or things, and argument between his mother and another woman. opportunity to discuss these issues amongst themselves. Note that if you arebetweenthings or people, the things or people are on either side of you. If you areamongoramongstthings or people, they are all around you....the bag standing on the floor between us. ...the sound of a pigeon among the trees.
    如果只有兩個人或兩個事物,應該使用 between。如果人或者事物超過了兩個,則應使用 among 或者 amongst。amongst 稍微有些過時。between和 among 都可以用來表示人或事物之間的關係、人與人之間的討論等:an argument between his mother and another woman(他媽媽和另一個女人之間的爭執),an opportunity to discuss these issues amongst themselves(他們內部討論這些問題的一個機會)。注意,between 表示在兩者之間,而 among 則表示在多者中間,被人或事物包圍:。。。the bag standing on the floor between us(包放在我們兩人之間的地上),the sound of a pigeon among the trees(樹林裡鴿子的叫聲)。


BETWEEN 指定測試範圍。
語法test_expression[ NOT ] BETWEENbegin_expressionANDend_expression
是任何有效的 Microsoft® SQL Server™ 表達式。begin_expression必須與test_expressionend_expression具有相同的數據類型。
是任何有效的 SQL Server 表達式。end_expression必須與test_expressionbegin_expression一樣具有相同的數據類型。
結果類型 Boolean
結果值 如果test_expression的值大於或等於begin_expression的值並且小於或等於end_expression的值,則 BETWEEN 返回 TRUE。
如果test_expression的值小於begin_expression的值或者大於end_expression的值,則 NOT BETWEEN 返回 TRUE。
注釋 若要指定排除範圍,請使用大於 (>) 和小於 (<) 運算符。如果任何 BETWEEN 或 NOT BETWEEN 謂詞的輸入為 NULL,則結果是 UNKNOWN。
示例A. 使用 BETWEEN 本例返回書的題頭標識符,這些書的年度至今單位銷售額是從 4,095 到 12,000。
USE pubsGO SELECT title_id, ytd_salesFROM titlesWHERE ytd_sales BETWEEN 4095 AND 12000GO 下面是結果集:
title_id ytd_sales -------- ----------- BU1032 4095 BU7832 4095 PC1035 8780 PC8888 4095 TC7777 4095 (5 row(s) affected)B. 使用 > 和 < 代替 BETWEEN 本例使用大於 (>) 和小於 (<) 運算符,由於這些運算符是非包含的,所以返回不同的結果。
USE pubsGO SELECT title_id, ytd_sales FROM titles WHERE ytd_sales > 4095 AND ytd_sales < 12000 GO 下面是結果集:
title_id ytd_sales -------- ----------- PC1035 8780 (1 row(s) affected)C. 使用 NOT BETWEEN 本例找出一個指定範圍(從 4,095 到 12,000)外的所有行。
USE pubsGOSELECT title_id, ytd_sales FROM titlesWHERE ytd_sales NOT BETWEEN 4095 AND 12000GO 下面是結果集:
title_id ytd_sales -------- ----------- BU1111 3876 BU2075 18722 MC2222 2032 MC3021 22246 PS1372 375 PS2091 2045 PS2106 111 PS3333 4072 PS7777 3336 TC3218 375 TC4203 15096 (11 row(s) affected)
而between 主要指兩者之間,其賓語往往是表示兩者的名詞或代詞,或者是由 and 連線的兩個人或物